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Knowledge ist the only property that increases by sharing.

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That was the 4th PCM World Conference in Vienna

Got into contact with PCM-Experts: A review to the Public Day on 29 August.

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Current PCM Seminars

Are you already communicating consciously or just using the trial and error method for it?

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Taibi Kahler, Stephan Berchtold & Uwe Reiner-Kolouch

You have a goal.

We have a plan.
Together, we’ll set impulses.

imc accompanies development processes for people and organizations.

imc perceives people as individuals who are the designers of systems, relationships, processes and environments.

imc follows a principle of inclusiveness, and thus integrates all available resources for an effective consultation process.

imc stands for a personal, high-quality and sustainedly productive co-operation. The wide ranging experience that our imc-consultants represent can be utilised to create a team of experts and personalities to best suit the specific needs of our clients.

We accompany progress and development.